Installation, safety instructions and maintenance instructions

Divider curtains

Please read these instructions carefully before using the product. If you do not understand them, you should immediately consult the company’s representatives and demand the additional instructions. Additional product information, novelties, warnings and important information are available on:


a product – an electric lift-up divider curtain
instructions – installation instructions, safety and maintenance instructions
an operator – a person authorized to operate the product.

Purpose of use and manufacture

Divider curtains are designed and manufactured to adjust to the architecture of an area. They are manufactured in accordance with the applicable Slovenian and European regulations and standards. The main principle is the standard DIN 18032/4. They are intended for partitioning of space into multiple units in indoor sports facilities, school gymnasiums and multi-purpose halls.

The product installation

When the product has been installed, it is fixed. Due to the installation complexity and legal requirements relating to the installers’ training, it is strictly forbidden to interfere with the product’s construction with the intent of installing, dismantling or repairing.
Installation, dismantling and repairs can be carried out by the manufacturer’s authorized service representatives only.

The floor in the facility, where the product is being installed, has to be dry and slip-resistant. Sports flooring in accordance with the standard DIN 18032 is recommended. The facility needs to have enough light (daylight or lamp) for normal movement in it. Illumination has to be assured also in the case of electricity blackout.

Safe use of the product

Only an authorized person who is trained and entirely familiar with the instructions may operate the product. The operator is selected by the investor in a written agreement.

The floor in the facility has to be dry, slip-resistant and without obstacles. In case of spilled liquids (oil, water), it is necessary to clean the floor according to the flooring manufacturer’s instructions.
The operator has to visually check the product before each use. The construction and panel or netting joints need to be checked. The operation of the product has to be normal – without the noise and dragging, the composition leather and netting must not sag.

If the product is physically damaged or broken down, even if there is only a suspicion of a breakdown, it is immediately necessary to:

  • remove the product from use;
  • put a sign on a clearly visible place, saying: OUT OF ORDER – DO NOT USE;
  • turn off the electrical power so that the switch is on “OFF”, pull the key out of the switch and switch off the corresponding fuse;
  • prevent the use of the product and inform the authorized service representative about it.

The use of the product is allowed only in the presence of an instructor, a coach, a physical education teacher, an educator or an authorized person aged 18 and over. Supervision is required while using the product in order to prevent jostling, slipping, falling and non-intended use.

It is strictly forbidden to hang on the product, climb it or lean objects against it.

The product is not intended for placing targets, banners, advertisements or flags. It is not designed to act as a hitting net in various activities (running, jumps, gymnastics, ball games…) and it is not intended to block balls when playing football or handball.

How to operate the product

The product is operated by an electric motor with a reducer. The button in a control unit should be pressed, and the main switch should be unlocked with the key (ON).

The control unit must be locked and unlocked with the key, and accessible to an authorized person only.

The product can be operated only when the facility is empty. Only the operator and his assistant(s) may be present. The controlling devices need to have signs denoting their functional purpose. The product moves in a desired direction only when we press and hold the switch, and it stops automatically in the final position with the help of end switches. It is necessary to check if the product has reached the final position. If the device has come across an obstacle or in case of a breakdown, the product may stop before it has reached the final safe position. We can visually check the correct and safe position:

  • when stretched out, the lower edge of the curtain is no more than 20 cm from the ground;
  • the electric motor can run continuously for about 5 minutes, which suffices for normal use. It is normal that the electric motor turns off when it overheats. After it has cooled (15 – 20 minutes), it is again ready for use.

A special warning for the operator and his assistants

Follow the instructions and after you have finished operating the product, turn off the electrical power so that the switch is on “OFF” and pull the key out of the switch. All controlling devices and switches for settings used during the product’s movement need to be within reach and in a normal field of vision. All movable parts of the product need to be in the field of vision as well, otherwise an assistant should be present too.

Setting the product to working position:

1. make sure the place is empty;
2. open the control unit and turn on the key of the switch (ON);
3. press the button to lower the product to working position;
4. make sure the product is in the final safe working position;
5. turn off the key of the switch (OFF) and pull the key out of it

Setting the product to save position:

1. make sure the place is empty;
2. open the control unit and turn on the key of the switch (ON);
3. press the button to save the position of the product;
4. make sure the product is in the correct position;
5. turn off the key of the switch (OFF) and pull the key out of it


The product can be serviced and repaired only by an authorized service representative. Only original spare parts can be installed.

A safe access to the drum’s drive parts, safety elements and devices, sensors and end switches has to be guaranteed for the maintenance and control implementation. The access and the place of intervention need to have the possibility of lighting.

Time limits for the checks of maintenance works:
a. a visual check is carried out by an authorized person;
b. a physical check is carried out by an authorized service representative;

  • construction: (visual check) every 12 months,
  • fixing material: (visual check) every 12 months,
  • electric motor: (visual check) every 12 months,
  • construction: (physical check) every 12 months,
  • fixing material: (physical check) every 12 months,
  • electric motor: (physical check) every 12 months,

An authorized service representative and an authorized person have to issue the report. The operator has to keep the report for five years after the service.

Safety warning with regard to electric current hazards

Due to the mechanical or other operation (bending, vibrations, mechanical shocks, temperature and lighting) on the electrical wiring (insulation), a live conductor might touch the product’s construction or the operator which can directly or indirectly endanger a person’s life or health.

The risks can be prevented by the following measures:

  • a proper wiring diagram should be made in accordance with the applicable electro-technical regulations and standards;
  • wiring and electrical devices used for the grandstand have to be properly insulated and in accordance with the regulations and standards for devices of this sort;
  • the built-in electrical material has to be in accordance with the applicable standard for quality and safety of electrical products;
  • the device has to be attached to the electric voltage in accordance with the applicable regulations in a way to guarantee protection against a direct contact. Also, all earth connections should be made;
  • the electricity box has to be marked and sealed, and it needs to be able to be locked;
  • the device has to have the main switch, ON and OFF switches and regulational devices;
  • cable glands have to be sealed and electric cables rounded (not sharp or serrated).

The product is equipped with a protective device on both sides of the axle. It is used with the products that are lifted, where it is necessary to prevent collapsing. When the protective device is forced to stop, it blocks the axle and stops the motor. The intervention is necessary to replace the protective devices and set end switches anew. This is done by an authorized service representative.

Fire safety

Smoking, the use of pyrotechnic devices and fire use near the product are strictly forbidden.

A person responsible for safety has to make sure that checks are carried out periodically (for the safe use and product’s maintenance, as pointed out in these instructions).

In case of non-compliance with the instructions for use, maintenance and service, the manufacturer does not assume responsibility for possible damage and injuries.

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